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Turtle driving a hover car
  • What is a senior product engineer?

    A product engineer is typically a senior full stack engineer with a deep understanding of the product and a pragmatic focus on your ROI. Strong communication and ability to work cross-functionally with other functions, such as the executive for founding team, designers, product managers, data scientists, marketing, or business development, to deliver a great product.

  • How is Gotta Go Fast different?

    Unlike most contractor platforms Gotta Go Fast doesn’t hide how much our engineers are paid or how much we are charging. Most platforms will charge their clients almost double what they are paying their engineers and make their clients and engineers sign contracts to not discuss payment. At Gotta Go Fast we pay our engineers very well in order to give you the best talent. Engineers and Clients love this approach because we make it easy for engagements to work, and let developers get back to what they love most.'

  • Can I hire a Gotta Go Fast Engineer?

    Yes of course, for a breakup fee. If you find a fit, and they find a fit we don’t want to stand in the way. Since it takes an excellent engineer out of our pool we have a set contract rate for companies. Most engineers, after working many years at many startups, love their freelance lives, but if someone finds a great new full-time home we are happy for them and our clients.

  • How much does an engineer cost?

    There are three dimensions of quality, time, and price related to thinking about freelance talent. We will win on speed and quality every time, but probably will not win on price. The best framing of plugging in a GGF engineer is thinking what you would have to pay an excellent engineer, that is a great cultural fit for your organization, both in equity and pay + benefits. This provides a clear path for taking on one of our engineers for high growth teams.

  • Why should I work with Gotta Go Fast?

    Hiring engineers is hard. Convincing someone to join your mission can be time consuming and costly if you make the wrong hire. There is no cultural, equity pool, or full-time employment headaches with our engineers. Instead of wasting time searching for someone great, you can plug in a talented engineer and start moving faster.'

  • What's the cost difference between Gotta Go Fast and a full time employee?

    Average GGF Engineer: $20K per month

    FTE Engineer: $200K + .10% equity ($20M Startup + Benefits + Retained search firm)

    Average GGF Monthly: $20,000 FTE Monthly: $42,000

    FTE - starts next quarter GGF - starts Monday

    Saving equity, saving time, and saving cultural impact is worth it to founders, the executive team, and the entire engineering team.

  • Who do I work with on a day-to-day basis? Is there a project/product manager?

    Unlike agencies and other firms, you work DIRECTLY with the engineer. This cuts out the game of telephone, missed communications, and removes delays. Our engineers are excited about managing their own time and projects and working directly with clients. Gotta Go Fast is based in NY and the partners live and work in NY. We support and value anyone anywhere, but pride ourselves on being reachable and accessible to clients when needed.'