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Our engineers have built their careers at startups shipping products quickly.

They love building and working with companies that have ambitious roadmaps and a clear vision.

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Turtle driving a dirt bike
Turtle driving a dirt bike

Featured Engineers

  • Jonathan Grana profile photo

    Jonathan Grana

    Has taken over a dozen products from zero to one leading product and engineering teams

    John has been a co-founder, CTO, and software engineer for over a decade. He has created and sold a company, co-founded a technology startup in NY, and worked for a pre-IPO company as one of the first engineers.

  • Ben Perry profile photo

    Ben Perry

    Has been working in startups for over a decade leading engineering teams

    Ben has been a CTO, director, and software engineer for over a decade. He has worked for some of the largest DTC companies as one of their first engineers.

  • Scotty Weeks profile photo

    Scotty Weeks

    A freelance software engineer in NYC for over 20 years building iconic web experiences

    Scotty has modernized the technology stack of some of NYC's biggest brands, lead technical teams for successful startups and is unmatched on knocking out large backlogs

  • Dawa Sherpa profile photo

    Dawa Sherpa

    Has been leading engineering at the most popular startups in NYC for over 15 years

    Dawa has been leading engineering at DTC companies for the past 4 years helping them improve their growth and fullfillment processes, and has solved some of Etsy's earliest scaling issues


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  • Senior React Native Engineer profile photo

    Senior React Native Engineer

    Extensive experience with Mobile Apps, AdTech, Location Data, Gaming, and Machine Learning

    Led the engineering team and helped build one of the worlds most popular mobile apps. (You probably have it installed on your phone). Over 10 years of mobile development experience while working across the entire tech stack.

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  • Senior Fullstack Engineer profile photo

    Senior Fullstack Engineer

    Founder level experience with B2C and B2B SaaS products

    Founding team of extremely popular productivity tool working across the stack. Specialized in building and maintaining custom data pipelines, as well as early experience in big tech.

    Reach out to start going fast with a product focused full stack engineer